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Quick Update on the First Week

One week has past since moving day. It's as if the process has reversed itself - the closet is full, the posters are in their places, the bed is neatly made and the boxes are stored in the basement. It's been, largely, an exciting week. I've done a lot of exploring - by bike and foot mostly - gotten lost a few times, visited the library (which is right across the street), done the grocery shopping while dad is at work, applied for countless summer jobs. I've had no agenda whatsoever, so I've whiled away the rest of the past few sweltering hot day doing what anyone left alone in a massive house would so - pirouettes.
Now I feel moved in, but the novelty of it all is quickly wearing off. I'm starting to feel isolated and directionless. I'm trying to go to the library and coffee shops just to spend time out and about. It's difficult to begin again in a strange place, it's awkward to go places just to interact with people in the hope that they will suggest places for you to go and things to do. (Please house, just sell so we can all be down here being awkward together. I need Supermum, she has ample moving experience and would surely tell me what I'm supposed to do now that I'm settled).
That's really it for. I'm trying to just take this all one day at a time and not to become overwhelmed by the current lack of schedule. Most importantly at the moment, I'm learning how to operate our dryer so that I am not again unpleasantly surprised to find that all of my clothes have been shrunken to a size that may actually be too small for the munchkins f Oz.