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Self Love Vows

For too long you have been fueled by air, caffeine and exercise. You gave been abused and neglected, but your heart continued to beat. It's time for this to change; I cannot promise perfection, because perfection is just an allusion, but I can promise dedication. I move forward with a renewed dedication to health.I pledge to listen closely to your whispers - when you ache, I will let you rest; when you hunger I will nourish you without hesitation or guilt. I vow to trust you; you will not betray me is I am responsive to your needs. I dedicate myself to your protection. My love for you shall no longer depend on the circumferences of your waist and thighs. Your value will slowly become independent from the number of ribs visible through translucent skin. My appreciation for you is to hinge on your innate beauty and capability.I love the way your eyes sparkle and your hair turns copper-red in the sun. I love your long, muscular arms and legs. Legs that will not again be asked to run through pain or illness. Sturdy arms that allow me to hug my family lead to long, delicate fingers and strong, defined shoulders.Change takes time; I ask you to accept this fact. We - body and mind - are a work in progress. I vow to respect you as you change and grow, as you are finally given the nourishment to become the body of a woman instead of that of a child. I will accept the body I have for better or for worse. I will reserve judgment; I will practice patience and tenderness with you, Body. You are not my enemy or my science project - you are me. I will care for you with the same devotion you have shown me. When asked to run, you ran, under scorching sun and through fresh fallen snow. When I demanded you sit through class on an empty stomach you obliged. When asked to strip your every cell of its last resources you rose to the occasion for my own survival. Now it's your turn - let me care for you, let me learn to love you.