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Step Down Facility for Eating Disorder Treatment

Crystal Cook Art via
Crystal Cook Art via

Eating disorder treatment is not fixed in 30 days of intensive inpatient care. People with addictions need to change their ways of thinking and coping with life. The Victorian offers our clients a transitional step-down treatment in order to transition slowly back into everyday life with the support of a treatment team.


After our clients have stabilized their weight and have established regular eating patterns they are transitioned to our step down facility, the Patrice House. At the Patrice House the women live with an onsite nurse, but have substantially more freedom in their everyday life. They prepare meals on their own, are given a bike and are in charge of getting to recovery meetings and appointments on time. They are given a $75 allowance per week and are expected to manage that money.

Equally the clients are given some accountability. They shop for groceries with their case manager, are expected to abide by a 10 pm curfew, keep the Patrice House clean and make a weekly schedule with their case manager. The elements of accountability keep the women on a recovery track and out of harmful patterns and situations which may cause relapse in early recovery.

One of the most important elements of the step down facility is giving our women support while they transition back into everyday life. The women have been in treatment from 60 to 150 days. Leaving the safety nest of recovery back into everyday life can be difficult. For this reason the Patrice House case managers require the clients to either take college courses, start volunteering in the community or find a “get well job.”  This allows the clients to work out the difficulties of transition while having the support of a treatment team to process with.

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