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Thanksgiving Day Eating Disorder Support !

Sherri Conley
Sherri Conley<br />

The renown eating disorder recovery in Southern California
doesn’t stop on holidays like Thanksgiving…it just gets better! Women in eating
disorder recovery
know that the Thanksgiving can be especially challenging with
the sudden rush of the abundance of food and family. Most recovery meetings andeating disorder support groups are still held at their regularly scheduled
times, while others decide to make an occasion out of the holiday. For several years
now the women of Overeaters Anonymous in Costa Mesa, California have held the:


Thanksgiving Day of
Gratitude in the Park

9am to 10am

Heller Park – 257 E.
16th Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Here the women share their recovery, strength and hope all
while being in the beautiful surroundings of Heller Park! Join these strong
women in recovery this Thanksgiving, November 24th. *Don’t forget to
 bring a chair or a blanket to sit on and
a jacket to keep warm! See you in the park!

Happy Recovery!