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The Hoosier State is Calling

So I'm off to Indiana tomorrow to investigate the town of Columbus, where my dad has been offered a job. Here's how I'm feeling about this very good chance of moving as of now:
- Excited
- Nervous
- A little bit lost
- Relieved...employment is a happy word these days
- Ready to embark on a new adventure
- Like Wausau really is home and, even though I've denied it for the better part of 10 years, moving would be bittersweet.
- Like this would be a perfect opportunity to reinvent myself and maybe leave ED behind.
- Reasonably overwhelmed.
- I love adventures like this!!
- Indiana University looks promising
- Shit...there are so many uncertainties and anxieties for ED to prey upon.
- The climate is milder and that's always welcome.
- I like to see my Dad this excited about a job opportunity.
- I really can't wait to get in the car tomorrow and give this a go and write about it, of course.
Since schools across Wisconsin are closed tomorrow due to protests (cool, right??) we'll be leaving midday for what should be an exhilerating and informative road trip. Wish us luck;)