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Thought on Summer

Most people associate Summer with certain foods and, of course, swimsuits. I am not one of those people - I have never looked forward to barbecues and picnics and I would not be caught dead in a bikini. I'm getting tired of pop-up ads for magic cellulite un-doer, instant-unfatness powder, low-calorie-low-fat-nutrition-free-picnic-foods and bikinis that will flatter any shape. Does anyone really want to think about these things when they could simply put on some sunscreen and go outside? Seriously, what is the point of partaking in supposedly pleasureful activities like picnic-ing, swimming and laying on the beach (to me this sounds like a malignant waste of time) if you're going to obsess about your damn thighs for hours before even leaving the house? Body image is such a struggle for me on a daily basis that I don't feel the need to put myself into these stressful situations. For me, Summer is about running, smelling like sunscreen, biking everywhere, going to the farmers' market, watching lightning bugs and thunderstorms and being barefoot. We grow up loving Summer because it represent simplicity and freedom, not because it's a great time to prance around in an ill-fitting bikini. Let's take a step away from the paradigm of modern American women (Which swimsuit makes my boobs look bigger? Should I wear stilettos to the beach?...ok, this may be slightly stereotypical) and instead just enjoy the brighter sun and longer days.


summer is really the most

summer is really the most awaited part of every individual. this is the time where you can spend time, a lot of time to yourself and to your family. during summer it is nice to go to beaches and relax.. but it doesnt mean that summer is for wearing bikini's, its really for unwinding and spending time with someone.