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Tips For Making Singapore Company Incorporation

company incorporation in Singapore is very easier when compared to any other business hub. There are many countries which serve as the best business location, but none of them facilitate the entrepreneurs like the government of Singapore does. It gives all the benefits and many tax exemption features to the business entrepreneurs. This is why many business owners prefer to set their business in Singapore. It is just enough to pay Singapore $1 as an initial deposit to the government for setting your business in Singapore. Who would facilitate this much offer to the foreign investors? Obviously no one except the government of Singapore does that.


For setting your Singapore company incorporation, your company must have 1 shareholder, secretary and director. The secretary must be qualified and proficient who must be appointed in maximum of 6 months of the incorporation. Also the director of the company must have the resident in Singapore ore they should have the work pass or employment permit. Unless they have the permit and work pass, they cannot setup their business in Singapore. The business entrepreneur must approach the legal firm in order to get the basic advices for setting their business.

When visiting the lawyer or a chartered accountant, they will help you in all regards right from company incorporation till getting your business name approval. Remember, the shareholder benefits and other rules will vary from private limited to public limited. If you consider exploring PVT – Private limited, then it can have 1 – maximum of 50 shareholders. If it is public sector, it can have any number of shareholders in order to expand the business and make its establishment better.

Company registration Singapore has been made very easier in order to facilitate the business owners. Upon getting the assistance of a service provider, you can get all the legal formalities done without any trouble.