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To Eat Or Not To Eat: Table for Two?

Recovering from Anorexia is crazy hard, and being 16 and having “Mommy issues” is even harder. Getting pregnant on top of all of that? Well, let’s just say most people would be waking screaming, “That was a horrible nightmare!” Unfortunately for Kayla Jackson that nightmare is a living reality. The hardest part about an Eating Disorder is that your “drug of choice”, the kind you can “digest and swallow,” is something you CANNOT avoid. We all need to eat to stay alive, but what if you also have to eat to let another person live?

Now, it’s not just about Kayla anymore. It’s about somebody else and their needs. When you take on the responsibility to have sex at 16, you are now responsible for the consequences that come along with it. Kayla’s Eating Disorder is preying on her more then ever right now due to the fact that her body has changed and her mother is pushing all her buttons. Pregnancy to someone without an eating disorder can dig into one’s self-esteem. To somebody with Anorexia, it is a dig…then a push…followed by a swift kick.

Kayla has a bright future in front of her and I think that having her child will help her see that there is more to life than how her “arms jiggle when she stirs a bowl of brownie mix,” or the “other girls that are wearing bikinis at the beach.” Having her child was probably the best thing for her, as it will enable her to “fall out of love with her eating disorder” and “in love with her brand new life as a mother.


Anorexia is never a simple

Anorexia is never a simple case. Due to its complexity, people with anorexia may require a comprehensive treatment plan which includes medical care, psychotherapy, nutritional therapy, medication management and hospitalization.

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