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Situations differ in everyone’s life. Not all of us are wealthy and financially safe to manage the unexpected expenses. Some people will strive hard through some possible ways and meet the unexpected billings while others struggle badly and finally consider to Unlock Pension to overcome the situation.

Is it a right idea to unlock pension amount? If you ask me personally, I would say NO. It is not always a good choice to unlock the pension amount during the time of your employment. You are under employment and making every month income which would be more than enough to manage your family expenses.
Even at this point, if you try to unlock and use the pension amount then you are not the best team player. Your family is your team and you are the king to rule it promptly. Also you owe the responsibility to keep your family safe from any kind of financial hardship. Unlocking pension at this point may save you for a temporary duration of time but it will make you suffer after retirement.
People who take very less monthly salary and find difficult to manage their family expenses are at least considerable to avail the funds during the time of their financial hardship. When people who take less income confront financial challenges, they will find no other way to manage the unexpected expenses.
At this point, they themselves ask a question if I can unlock my pension amount. Why not! It is a usual rule that people who are 55 years of age will be eligible to unlock the pension amount. But the situation differs from one country to another and even from one state to another. People suffering from financial hard times and also struggle to overcome their living with poor monthly income can avail the pension amount in the earlier part of life. At least, it can help them to manage the crucial condition.