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Using Jewelry To Inspire Recovery

Sarah Munsey, Founder of Wired For Freedom
Sarah Munsey, Wired For Freedom

Eating disorders are considered a self-harming behavior. Whether a person is under eating, overeating or purging these acts are life threatening. Many of the Victorian – Eating Disorder Treatment clients also physically cut, burn, pick at their flesh. Sarah Munsey is one young woman who has struggled with self-harm. Today, she is “using Her hands to create instead of destroy” through a jewelry line she has started, Wired For Freedom.  

Munsey says,“ Wired for Freedom allows me to use my hands to create instead of destroy. No one wants to be trapped behind their struggle, but many are. I stand here today and tell you that we ALL are wired for freedom, and I hope you too find yours.”

Using her hands is a huge part of Munsey’s own recovery. She talks about the difficulty in creating jewelry, “I start sketching on paper (which usually looks horrible, I can’t draw for anything).  I draw different options and once I’m satisfied with the design on paper, I bring it to life using practice wire. This is where trial and error takes place, and also where God taught me a HUGE lesson in recovery. Being a perfectionist, messing up used to cripple me. But God showed me how to turn mess ups into a new collection, Beautiful Mess. Just like in life, our mistakes can turn into something beautiful later.”

Munsey sells her jewelry on and also allows others to host house parties and sell her jewelry there. A portion of the proceeds from the house parties goes to charity. Munsey is very proud to be spreading her recovery story through a creative medium she loves and hopes others will be inspired to do the same. You can check out the Wired For Freedom jewelry line HERE:

Wired For Freedom
Wired For Freedom

How do you “create instead of destroy?” Do you have any ideas for sharing your recovery with others? Join The Conversation Below!