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Vive La Difference!

Being different is the essence of this world. There’s hardly anything that fascinates me more than looking at different cultures and races. I love seeing the rituals that people in Africa still follow. I love looking at traits Asian people seem to have in common. I even like to see similarities between family members. But seeing how different each and every one of us is, no matter the family or culture we grow up in, makes my heart beat with glee.

Yes, there are things we all share, but there is so much more that is unique to us. Nobody has my body. Nobody has my style. Nobody has my eyes. Nobody has my taste in music. It’s unique to me, myself and I.

Of course we are all brainwashed into wanting to look just like a supermodel. But wouldn’t the world be a super boring place if that were the case? Wouldn’t the fun of meeting different people with different stories and different experiences be completely negated?

It’s time that we stand up for ourselves and claim our uniqueness. We are all perfect. We are all beautiful. We are all different. That is something worth celebrating, don’t you think?

Vive La Difference! is a post from: Fighting Anorexia