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Broken Scale

Triumphing Over Weight Obsession

The ironic thing is, I once was famous for my weight being so low. I was Melissa DeHart…the girl who weighed(…) I won’t say it now, because I could give a rats ass about it as I am writing this blog. So friggin what. At the time though I felt like I should have been wearing a tiara and sash with that damn weight splashed across the front of it!
I find it hard now to talk to women who are still so concerned with that number. It’s pretty hard not to be when every time we open up a magazine some famous starlet being interviewed has here weight and size mentioned within the first two sentences. When was the last time you saw that next to a guys name being interviewed. Women are not there weight, but  as a twisted society,we are almost forced to think they have to be!..Shallow!!
As women we have a set number and we brand ourselves with it.
Why don’t we all just go out there right now and change our names to a number. Seriously go down and legally become a digit. Then we can all go around and call ourselves 105,145, 174, and our good friend 122 until she eats a burrito, and then will have to go change it to 124.7.
Stupid isn’t it when you look at the big picture??
The thing matter who you are, your weight at the end of the day doesn’t matter. It’s what you have accomplished, who you have hugged, how many times you have laughed, or how many times somebody told you they loved you. It’s how many times you saved the day at the company, or watched your little girl throw a baseball. It’s how many times you heard the sound of the ocean, or watched the first snowfall come down. It’s how many times you lived your life.
I finally realized that, and believe me it was a long process.
If you asked me how much I weighed today,I honestly couldn’t tell you.
I could tell you how much I made people laugh, did something “blonde”, talked to people I loved,cried over people who were suffering, cursed at never moving traffic, butted heads with my boss, and went home and hugged somebody I love.
I’ll leave you with this. I go by the way my body feels. I try to treat it well. I drink water, eat healthy foods, and allow myself to have jellybeans when I want them. I sometimes see scales in Bed Bath and Beyond, and I am sometimes tempted to jump on one and see what it has to say to me. I then quickly slap myself upside the head and say…Oh no honeychild..that is one conversation I will not be having today.
It’s funny because after watching one of my favorite movies “Office Space”, I got inspired to the same kind of “beat the fax machine to a bloody pulp” but replace it with my bathroom scale.
I took the keys to my friends SUV, put that thing in the middle of the road, put pedal to the medal,  and ran right over it!! The sound that scale made when those tires hit it’s stupid metal exterior was Amaze Craze Awesome!!! I felt like Mel Gibson in Braveheart and all I could scream was “FREEDOM!! I will never forget it. I encourage everybody to try it one day. Blow it up, throw it off your balcony, set it on fire…because it does not own who you are!! When you do this, you will find you can breath again and just “Weight”….I promise you.. It does wonders for the soul!

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