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What are the Requirements of Norton security for our computers?

Internet is a day to day requirement in our daily life much like our daily bread. One fine day you come home and switch on your computer and then your internet. Suddenly the hard disk comes to a screeching stop and your computer shuts down forever. You just became a victim of backdoor Trojan. The end result is that your computer is now dust. And these days the chances of getting your computer hacked out is high. Thus Norton security comes to the rescue.

The software can make your computer work like a turtle on its death bed, but one thing you can be sure of is that your computer will never be compromised again. Norton security is like a bullet proof vest for your computer. Cheap Norton security is available online to protect your computer from high risk. Mainly the program is of two basic types, Norton firewall and Norton antivirus. Though each one perform a different function, they both are equally necessary for the smooth running of the software.
Norton firewall defends your computer from getting breached by hackers and from letting your personal information like credit card numbers, social security password from getting stolen. Whenever such a breach of security happen the software tracks down the IP address of the hacker and blocks it. The hacker now cannot get away with your information. If you want you can track down the user of the IP address found. Most people are happy to know that their computer was not hacked out.

Norton antivirus protects your computer against files that gets downloaded from the internet to your computer. Any virus file can shut your computer down forever or can help to steal information from your computer. This is done using Trojan type virus programs.
When Norton detects a virus it first tries to repair the file. If it can’t repair it delete it. If it can’t delete it then keep it in way so that it does not harm your computer. To protect your computer from virus buy norton security today.