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What is a mobile friendly website to do with?

A friendly mobile site is a site that can be accessed on tablet and mobile. More precisely, it is a site that will have a responsive design (or mobile version). The texts can be read without having to zoom in on the content. Most Internet users know that a link is a text or an image which, when clicked, leads to another page on the Internet. For this destination web page, it says that the link is a “backlink” (or incoming link).


But surfers are they aware of the extreme importance of these links for search engine optimization (or SEO for “Search Engine Optimization”)? And their valuable contribution to the position at which appear your site while searching on your keywords (or “ranking” in relation to this key word)? In this article, web design johannesburg helps you to get backlinks for SEO and what is the point of this approach to create its website. The sites themselves make no mention of the words “miserable failure” no problem, only imported the hundreds of websites that mentioned “miserable failure” and indirect users (via an embedded link to these terms) to the official pages.

Although search engines have now taken steps to avoid the “link bombing” and thus manipulating search results to include therein the scraped content, it is clear that these search engines are still focused on “anchored words ” (i.e. with a hyperlink) to determine the relevance and ranking of a page in relation to this particular keyword. It is smart to know the mechanism when one wishes to create his pro website. Thus Google has once been manipulated to a search on the words “miserable failure” (miserable failure) showing in top position of web pages. Note that the unique architecture of the site responsive does not require a specific optimization work but the same work as a traditional site, the only difference being its ability to adapt its size in all resolutions. Google does not distinguish its mobile search results or desktop, the optimization work is the same for all media.