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Why choose a transfer from Lyon airport to ski resort?


Lyon Airport is a natural gateway to the most popular Alpine ski resorts in France, Switzerland and Italy. That’s why every year thousands of people arrive to this place from the entire world.

Transfers are always required in all countries of the world. When you are travelling to a country for holiday (for example, ski weekends) purpose you are always in search of a transfer from the airport to your favorite ski resort.

Such transfers are available very easily and the cost is also very acceptable. If you are not sure to choose a service, then you can also ask service’s specialists about the reason and the benefits of choosing such services for their daily needs.

In Lyon airport you can also book a transfer. For example, you can use the popular transfer service Alps2Alps. Our service provides you all required conditions for good and safety trip from Lyon airport to resort.

All our passengers have confirmed that:

  1. By booking transfer you have not queues and paperwork. No queuing, no waiting, no unexpected charges, no complicated paperwork. Just leave the airport, sit in a comfortable car and enjoy the ride to your skiing destination.
  2. No fuel costs. Arranging a private transfer from Lyon Airport, you pay only once by booking.
  3. No unknown roads and routes. Our drivers are living in Lyon for a long time and have an experience and they know all about the local routes. They know the quickest ways to transfer you from Lyon airport to a specified ski resort and back.

  1. Safety and comfort trip. Taking a trip from the Lyon airport to your skiing accommodation, you will be delivered directly to resort by comfortable car.
  2. Easy booking. You can book Lyon airport transfers by telephone or online.