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Why Facebook dark ads offer a better advertising opportunity

The digital world is changing at a rapid rate and due to this reason; an effective marketing strategy today may not be as effective tomorrow.For example, a network that a marketing agency is using today decides to change its rules or it dilutes because everyone else is changing. One of the most effective marketing or advertising strategies today can be found on Facebook through what is known as facebook dark posts. Although the term ‘dark’ may sound evil, it applies to a tactic of simply using Facebook’s newsfeed style as ads that are not published to a newsfeed on a user’s page.


One reason why a company would want to use facebook dark adsis, for example, where a company wants to sell different products, which all appeal to different audiences, but the company is not sure which audience is most appealing in order to call to action for each product. This company basically wants to advertize the products on Facebook and in order to reach all customers without targeting a few, the company uses newsfeed type posts or sponsored ads to reach customers. The advantage with these ads is that they look exactly like any other stream and can reach millions of users on Facebook.

Traditionally, for such a company to advertize the different products, the company had to create astatus update for each product and put it on newsfeeds. The downside of this was that such a strategy meant the company had to run ads on its page’s news stream. However, with dark ads, social media agency indianapolis recommends that this is the best way because companies are allowed to create newsfeed ads without the option of publishing them to thenewsfeed. This means that all products a company wants to advertise can be run as sponsored posts at the same time, split Facebook’s test headlines, and target different customers.