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Wotofo a company also filed as Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) is situated in State of Texas and is approximately one year old.


The Troll RDA is another authentic product from Wotofo. It is an e-cigarette that is one of the best products for smokers to switch from the traditional way of smoking to the new modern e-smoking. It has very magnificent look and a highly rebuilt structure. It actually features a 4 post holes which helps for easier building and it is situated near the deck. It also had juice well that helps in holding a lot of liquid due to its dept. The Troll RDA by Wotofo consists of serrated edges that help in controlling the flow of the air. It’s a stainless steel with negative pots filled on to its deck. This product comes with a replacement of its essential parts like o-rings, a screw driver from Philips and few spare screws for the posts.

The main feature that attracts many customers is its design. On the front side of the product there is troll face on barrel. The stainless steel gives it a metallic look. It is a three piece design that is uniquely serialized. These upgraded features help in reducing health problems. Troll RDA eliminated the foul odor that is produced from the tobeco burning in the traditional method which consists of many chemicals harming the smoker. Troll RDA reduces these problem by its features and filtering the nullifying all the ill effects of the traditional way smoking. Maybe Troll RDA is the top class model that can be opted by the smokers as it is one of the best products available in the market and that is far more effective and safe than the traditional way. So when are you buying your own TROLL RDA?