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Writing to Save What Sanity I've Retained

Dear Anorexia,We've corresponded a lot lately - too much in fact. This letter's sole purpose is to remind us of how much damage you have done me and why, if I can, I must run in the opposite direction as quickly as possible (metaphorically, of course). So, here goes with the long list of grievances I have to register against you and the reason I see to recover:1. Life and Health - Bones, heart, muscles, brain, skin, hair and every other organ that requires nutrition to function (oh, wait...that would be all of them)are suffering from your wrath.2. School - one of the few things I value as much as my ED, but I can't sustain both.3. Enjoyment - I am miserable. End of story.4. People care about me; that's why this is so tough, no one knows how to help me at this point.5. I have no intention of seeing the inside of IP/RES again.6. Promise7. Opportunity8. Vitality9. Functionality10. Connections11. Focus12. I'm only 20 years old, there's a whole world waiting to be explored.13. Warmth14. Yoga15. Confidence16. I'm sure there's more to life than starvation.17. Adulthood 18. Independence19. Trust20. Responsibility21. Honesty22. Fear and anxiety suck23. Balance24. Gotta feed my wicked sense of humor25. Hope for a better tomorrow26. No matter how tough it gets, I'm still loved.27. Discovery28. AcceptanceI can already feel you seething with rage. You can't stand assertiveness, but I guess that's just too bad.I'm trying not to love you,Mary