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A Seesaw of Hopelessness

It was first thought that individuals who have eating disorder and drug addiction will have to undergo substance abuse rehabilitation first then eating disorder next. This approach however proves to be ineffective. What will happen is just a seesaw. Once, addiction is treated and the person is now under treatment for eating disorder, there is a wide chance that the person may relapse to drug addiction again.

Studies have shown that those who receive medication for addiction may just move toward eating when they encounter stress and pressure. The opposite is also true. Those who have been treated for eating disorder may just succumb to drug abuse. So, the process is a seesaw of hopelessness.

All therapies must look into the co-existence of drug dependency and eating disorder. Otherwise, missing one will just later on resurrect the other. Treatment options should include both towards total recovery. A holistic process should be adopted for a successful rehabilitation.