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Disturbing photo contest part 2

After reading a few comments about the photo contest, I almost took down the post. But I'm not. Maybe the powers-that-be on the site will, and if they choose to do so, that's ok.

I completely agree with the idea that all of us who write about eating disorders know there is an audience of people who struggle with eating disorders and therefore, we have a responsibility to monitor what they post.

But I did post it mostly because of the nature of the discussion it generated on the site. Very strong opinions were generated from many perspectives, from those struggling with eating disorders and those who were completely unsympathetic. Considering we live in the world with people who share very similar opinions, I appreciated the perspective of a peek into the mindset of people in relationship to eating disorders.

I also find it interesting to consider the contest from a socological point of view. Would they make another disease the focus of a contest? How about obivous birth defects? Why not? It that crass? Why does making it about eating disorders legitimate?

That being said, what stuck in my mind was the idea that I could ruin someone's recovery by posting the contest.

I'm in recovery, too.

I have my own triggers, my own weaknesses and vulnerabilities. I agree this site should be a safe place, but at the same time, I can't be held responsible for ruining someone else's recovery, no more than I could hold you responsible for ruining my own if I get upset by criticism.

After all that, your notes are duly noted, and will be carefully considered in the future.


Thank you for this Angie. No,

Thank you for this Angie.
No, YOU should never be blamed for causing someone to relapse, nor would you try to take the credit for a person's recovery, I'm sure.
I read the comments which were made about the contest, which were mostly negative. I suppose, that in a sociological sense, this could be worthy of 'interest'.
However, I don't consider this site or any of the 'sister' sites to be ones for opinion, but rather for legitimate, evidenced based information and pro-recovery support.
Current happenings in the world of eating disorder treatment and recovery is very important, however, the latest 'scoop' on how much a certain starlet weighs, is not to me, very conducive to recovery support.
We are all responsible for what we do with the information that crashes into our brains every minute of every day.
I am thankful that I am now beyond being 'triggered' by these things, but I have a strong concern for those who are still vulnerable and who are working very hard for their health and freedom.
Thank you for all that you contribute to the site!!