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Eating Disorder Books to Consider:

Breaking the Spell of Binge-Eating: A Road to Balance in Your Life

In this European bestseller, Kortink, a spiritual psychotherapist from the Netherlands, has created a unique system for the effective treatment of binge eating as well as other eating disorders. Having suffered from bulimia herself, she combines cognitive behavioral therapy with mindfulness techniques, creative expression, dream awareness, “consciousness training,” and other innovative approaches to help readers gain new insights and lasting change.

Kortink shows that “eating differently starts with thinking differently.” As illustration, she provides some of her clients’ dialogues between them and their “inner saboteur.” She also explains how to identify true hungers, find the spirit, and learn how to listen to the body’s signals, all of which lead to increased energy and a comforting sense of self–forgiveness.

In this unique book, the reader will find tips for immediate self–action as well as vital information for partners and friends of binge–eaters. Furthermore, Kortink’s method will help the reader break the endless lose–weight, gain–weight cycle and end the blind compulsion to eat in response to stress.