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Great yoga poses for people with eating disorders

Here’s a new fact: Yoga can help overcome eating disorders. It can solve two of the most common causes of eating disorders, which are depression and low self-esteem. This eliminates the necessity to undergo constant therapies or take in numerous antidepressants. Amazing, isn’t it?

But here’s the question: What yoga poses should a person with eating disorders assume? There are a lot of yoga postures out there, and not all of them specifically help in eating disorders.

One example of a yoga pose that is said to be extremely effective in battling eating disorders is the sun salutations sequence. This is a great sequence for beginners, and is usually done as a warm-up before the real yoga exercises. It involves a series of inhalations and exhalations while assuming a series of poses. What’s nice about this is that it promotes better circulation, improves strength and flexibility, and stimulates internal organs.

Other yoga postures that you can try include the shoulder stand sequence, the bow pose, and the spinal twist, among others.