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How one can recover from Anorexia Nervosa- a type of eating disorder

Anorexia nervosa is mainly characterized by lack of food taking, emaciation, thinness but strong unwillingness to maintain a healthy weight. Many people with anorexia also have coexisting psychiatric and physical illnesses, including depression, anxiety, obsessive behavior, cardiovascular and neurological complications, and impaired physical development. So to recover from Anorexia, affected person should resort to some psychological and medicinal treatments. The first component of the treatment is change the behavior or thought that has lead to such disordered eating. The next treatment should aim at helping the affected person restore a healthy weight and for this eating in proper amount timely should be ensured. At the same time to treat the psychological factors that are related to anorexia is very much important to completely recover from anorexia nervosa.. Medications, such as antidepressants, antipsychotics or mood stabilizers, and different forms of psychotherapy, including individual, group and family-based, may be fairly effective in treating psychological disorders assosiated with the patients with anorexia.