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How self-monitoring in tackling eating disorder?

There are many therapeutic techniques that help people tackle their eating disorder. Self-monitoring is one of the most significant of them. It includes a range of activities that patients suffering from Anorexia, Bulimia or other eating disorders can learn to execute and keep track of in order to tackle their Eating Disorder. Self-monitoring includes activities like keeping a food diary, weighing oneself every week, calculating Body Mass Index (BMI), checking improvement each week. An effective food diary consists of several heads containing information on time of day, food and drink consumed, Place of eating, bingeing, compensating or purging efforts (like gymnastics, self-induced vomiting, drug use) and finally, thoughts and feelings during eating. The diary can also be maintained to find the deviation of ones eating habit from a healthy diet plan. The diary must be maintained every day. Once a week diary holder should roughly check the trend recorded in the diary, and on the basis of this, set a goal for the following week. Even if for some weeks the diary shows that no substantial achievement is made, one should not give up, but should keep going on.