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Is there a single medication for eating disorders?

There is no magic pill for eating disorders. In fact, there is no specific medication used to treat any type of eating disorder. It requires a series of therapies, a caring support system, a good understanding of the illness, and a combination of drugs in order to completely heal a person with an eating disorder.

Since eating disorders are partly psychological disorders, they necessitate the use of psychiatric drugs. One of the most common medications given to people with bulimia and anorexia are antidepressants, like the very popular Prozac. Another example is Olanzapine, which is originally marketed for schizophrenia but was found to be effective for people suffering from low-weight anorexics. On the other hand, the drug Topiramate is now used for bulimics and binge eaters, even though it is originally intended for the treatment of epilepsy.

Of course, aside from the medications, the most important treatment for any type of eating disorder is the development of healthy eating habits. Medications help us to move towards this end.