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Oranges And Grapes Are Your Friend

Fruit has been used, for an extremely long time, as the food that helps those suffering from anorexia learn to love food again. Fruits are very easy to eat, very easy to control in portion size, and are healthy. Remember back to “Tip #1”, you want to be able to find a food that is considered healthy so the particular person you are trying to help, may see the food as something healthy instead of something bad that could possibly make them gain weight. Oranges are a very good starter. Oranges actually help to increase a person’s appetite. You may only need to start with just a few slices at first. Let them sit on your stomach and then you may want to follow those orange slices up with some grapes. Grapes are also a great way to improve a person’s appetite. Just a few grapes is all it takes and the appetite will return in no time at all.