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Psychotherapy for Eating Disorders

Have you ever wondered if psychotherapy might be a potential treatment for you?

Consider Joanna Poppink’s approach. A therapist in LA who specializes in treating eating disorders, her description of psychotherapy for eating disorder may help you decide it would be a worthwhile option for you. We begin with a cognitive behavioral approach that leads to psychodynamic work and includes journal writing, art therapy, humor, readings, body work and dream and imagery experiences. The most powerful aspect of the healing work is based on developing a relationship between myself and the woman I’m working with that weathers, survives and thrives under the stresses of recovery. Often our relationship is the first trustworthy, sturdy and honest relationship the woman has ever had.

Four themes in psychotherapy treatment. 1. slow down and eventually stop acting out behavior, 2. heal emotional wounds, 3. restart emotional/psychological development that was stalled at a critical time in the person’s life, 4. support tentative entry into newly perceived world as individual relies on greater vision and newly developed courage, inner strength and realistic trust.