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Study shows testosterone could prevent eating disorders

According to a latest study the male sex hormone testosterone has shown signs that it can prevent eating disorders.

The research conducted by the Michigan University shows possibilities that biological factors could play vital roles in eating disorders not just social influences.

Based on the six-year study conducted on 538 set of twins they found out that females who in the womb with male twins and exposed to high level of testosterone are protected from having an eating disorder in the future.

Kelly Klump, project researcher, MSU associate professor of psychology and president of the Academy for Eating Disorders said the result of the study showed that eating disorders should not only be faulted on social influences but also biological factors as well.

Klump said the data the gathered in the study is very significant in improving the treatment for eating disorders.

She said that in the near future medical experts might formulate new treatment to incorporate testosterone to treat and prevent eating disorders.

Well, the study is quite interesting and morale boosting especially for those who are suffering from an eating disorders.

The result of the study offers further hope for patients that there are new medicines to treat eating disorders in the future.

Eating disorders had already become a global phenomenon.
As a problem that affects almost all parts of the worlds, it would be a sigh of relief to discover new treatment for the medical condition.

With the rapid advancement of technology, the ultimate cure for eating disorders could soon be discovered.

Testosterone as cure for eating disorders is a welcome development since possibilities are high that it could be used as treatment for the medical condition in the future.