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Eating Disorder Quiz

By Angie Best-Boss, Contributing Writer

Do you:

  • feel that others pressure you to be thin?
  • feel guilty about what you eat?
  • feel that your weight is one of the only things you can control
  • feel you've become isolated from family and friends?
  • prefer to eat alone?
  • use food as a comfort?
  • consume large amounts of food in a brief amount of time?
  • feel fat despite others telling you that you're not?
  • ever exercise excessively?
  • ever induce vomiting after eating or drinking?
  • count all the hidden calories or grams of fat in each bite of food?
  • often feel depressed and unhappy with yourself?
  • diet excessively?
  • use laxatives, diet pills, or diuretics each week?
  • weigh yourself several times each day?
  • eat when you're lonely, anxious, depressed, or nervous?
  • Think that you might have an eating disorder?

If you answered yes to five or more of these questions, you may have an eating disorder. Eating disorders can be dangerous, cause life-long health effects and can sometimes be fatal. Living with an eating disorder is often painful and separates you from loving support and relationships.

Help is available in the form of individual counseling, medical and nutritional counseling, and self help support groups. With proper help, persons with an eating disorder can learn to stabilize their eating patterns, maintain a healthy weight, and become less preoccupied with food.