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Article Highlights the Need for Positive Messages about Body Image

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An article in the North Shore News has drawn attention to the importance of promoting positive body image messages within the fashion industry.
The article focuses on Rachel McHollister, the owner of a boutique public relations firm, and someone who has suffered from anorexia for 13 years.

Rachel admits that treatment for her anorexia along with support from her parents played a huge role in helping her to cope with her eating disorder, and accompanying anxiety and depression. She is also a keen advocate for treatment options within her local community of Vancouver, Canada, and notes that there is a significant treatment gap in the province for adults with anorexia.

Rachel McHollister will be a featured speaker at an upcoming event at the University of British Columbia called “Body Image: Is fat all in our heads?” The panel discussion will explore various topics related to body image, self esteem, social pressure, and negative media messages which can contribute to eating disorders.

It is hoped that the resulting dialogue will contribute to breaking down the fashion stereotypes that see pre-teen girls offered clothing through many retail outlets that suggests that they should aim to be sexy as well as pretty. Clothing with obvious sexual overtones sends a message to young girls that being sexy is desirable. The message is then reinforced to these pre-teens by the media, at an age when girls are especially impressionable.

Some store owners are fighting back against the sexy fashion stereotype, by promoting clothing for pre-teens that celebrates uniqueness and individuality and promotes confidence, empowerment, and a healthy body image.

Rachel McHollister has observed a gradual change within the fashion industry in Canada, in which healthy models are replacing rail-thin ones, and positive messages about body image are slowly becoming more prevalent.

Source: North Shore News