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Models pull out teeth to look thinner


Fashion models may be known for doing some crazy things to stay thin, such as eating tissues, but the latest trend seems to be taking things way too far.

As top model Katia Elizarova reported to a British newspaper, some models are resorting to pulling out their teeth in order to appear thinner in photographs.

Weigh-in pressure

Elizarova explained that daily weigh-ins after lunch have prompted some girls – who are already pencil-thin – to extreme measures.

"When I was in Japan they weighed me every day after lunch, so I felt horrible," she told The Sunday Times. "But I did know girls who were bulimic, who used cocaine to make their cheeks hollow. Some girls pulled out their teeth to look thinner."

The fact that modeling agencies often don't pay models on time also adds pressure to keep your job - and to eat.

“There are people who try to bring you into clubs to attract the attention of older men,” she said. “This is not a nice part of our job. If you’re a model and your agency hasn’t paid you in months, you don’t have anything to eat – and then someone comes over and says, ‘We’re doing free dinners in the club, come and bring your girlfriends,’ of course you go."

Once you get to the venue, she said, men are "perving" at you, "but you're so hungry you don't care."

The 27-year-old, who is reportedly dating actor Benedict Cumberbatch, is currently working toward protecting young girls from being exploited by the modeling industry.

Source: ID Times