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Opening up About "Manorexia"


Anorexia can be thought of as affecting only women, but many men suffer from it as well:

"When actor Dennis Quaid confessed that he had suffered a long, difficult and secret bout with "manorexia," there was a collective sigh of relief from specialists working with men and eating disorders.

A man, and a famous one at that, had finally come forward.

Eating disorders have long been cloaked in shame and secrecy. For many men, the issues around disclosure, seeking help and beginning a journey of recovery are staggering, if not insurmountable.

What most people know about David Beckwermert, 49, has everything to do with success, discipline, achievement and devotion. President and CEO of a Calgary oil and gas company, he's a father of three, and although recently separated, has been married to one woman for 28 years."

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