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“Pro-Ana” Websites Persist Despite Social Media Bans


Even though social media blogging sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest have banned content that promotes eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, the damaging sites are still around.

The blogs which often contain images of extremely thin women along with messages promoting self-starvation techniques can be especially triggering for anyone who is struggling with an eating disorder.

Children in particular, are extremely vulnerable to the messages contained within “pro-ana” (anorexia) and “pro-mia” (bulimia) websites. In some cases, children as young as 12 years of age are accessing the sites, learning about unhealthy behaviour patterns that promote self-harm at a time in their life when they are just beginning to form their own identity and fit in socially with their peers.

The situation is complicated by the fact that many individuals who suffer from serious eating disorders are unaware that they have a disorder. Although some people have suggested that the sites provide a form of support to people struggling with similar challenges (body image and self-esteem issues), they are far more often used as a means to share unhealthy and extreme weight loss practices and idealized graphic images of starving women.

Meanwhile, Tumblr and Pinterest, the social blog platforms that have adopted a policy of shutting down websites that promote eating disorders, appear to be having difficulty regulating the sites. Some websites are slipping through the cracks because they have only recently been created. Others are escaping notice because the user of a banned site has created a different account that has yet to be detected.

Online blogging sites that attract individuals with eating disorders are popular due to the ease of sharing information with others suffering from anorexia and bulimia.

Source: CBS News


Heres an idea. you sit and

Heres an idea. you sit and wonder why these pro ana sites are still around. Yet in todays economoy there are alot of people with either no insurance or people on public aid insurnace. Which by the way treatment centers are ALL about there money. You either have to pay up front for treatment, which is over 35,000 thousand dallors a month or have AWESOME insurnace. Which still doesn't pay 100% or they DO NOT take public aid. So whats left you ask????? whats left is people dying from there eating disorder by going to the pro ana sites because the have lost hope of EVER finding any help. Because help DOES NOT always exist for the people living month to month. Which is ALOT more than you may think. So they figure might as well keep doing what is comfortable to them and not changing. DUH!!!! I know first hand how these people feel because I myself am one of them. I'm bulimic, on medicaid and over 40 which is the BIGGEST JOKE EVER to find help. I've tried. theres NOTHING for people like me. So staying in my eating disorder becomes easier and easier with no help and thanks to sites like the pro ana sites. This is also why people are dying from there eating disoders because they have no where to turn. Teenagers actually have an easier time getting help than woman my age. True fact. Look it up!! This is why these pro ana sites stay in business. Because they make it easier to stay in the ED than it is to actually get the help a person needs to live. Do the math it's not rocket science.