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The War Against Anorexia


Anorexia has been around for decades it by no means is it a new eating disorder in fact it is the oldest of the growing list of eating disorders. Many parents feel like they are fighting a war against anorexia and it is a war we should all be involved in as a society.

Role Models

The women our children especially girls seek out as role models as of course, beautiful, thin celebrities. Every time you turn on the television there on the screen is one or several of these role models. (In a recent study researchers where able to prove that television viewing and in some cases “secondhand television viewing”) were indeed a cause of eating disorders. Almost every young girl wants to look like the girls on TV and in the magazines. Sure, everyone needs a role model but not when it can cost them there life to a disease like anorexia!

What Parents can do to Help Combat Anorexia

The first and most important thing a parent can do to help their children is to talk and listen to them. Then having a healthy body image is second best regardless if you are your ideal weight or 20 pounds overweight show your child your love yourself just as you are. When they see you exercising and question your statement about loving yourself the way you are the answer is simple. “I am exercising because it is healthy and everyone should do it.” Parents also need to watch for signs of anorexia if caught early enough there is an 80% survival rate.