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Artist explores the many facets of binge eating


Being able to embrace the discomfort that comes with any eating disorder is a way to cope with the darkness, says artist Lee Price.

In a recent interview with Mashable, Price explains how her series of self-portraits about binge eating are a reflection of this struggle.

"When we are not able to sit with uncomfortable feelings, we tend to grab for things to distract ourselves — whether that be food, television, alcohol, drugs," Price said.

Her paintings, which are hyperrealistic, show Price having intimate moments with food - surrounded by snacks while huddled in the bathroom, or face smeared with jelly donuts while laying down in bed. Price says the paintings show how many people seek the comfort of food when attempting to find solace from their feelings.

"A few pieces speak about other things — acceptance of body, a need to self-nurture, defiance of acceptable behavior," she said.

Experience, not judgment

The paintings, which have titles like "Full," "Happy Meal" and "Refuge," don't represent a judgmental stance about binge eating, Price said.

"I simply paint and hope that viewers will connect in their own way to what I am doing," she said.

Price's paintings are on exhibit at the Evoke Contemporary Gallery in Santa Fe, but they can also be seen on her website.

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