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New Medication on the Horizon for Binge Eating


There is a new medication in the works that may help individuals who suffer from binge eating. The medication currently known as ALKS 33 is a potential medication made by Alkermes, Inc.


The medication has just completed phase 2 of the clinical trails. Currently it is being tested for alcohol dependency and drug abuse. However, it has the potential to be a good fit for binge eating as well. The medication targets the “rewards” area of the brain. Therefore, allowing binge eating to be considered in the future as one of the diseases/conditions that ALKS 33 may be able to effectively treat.

About ALKS 33

“ALKS 33 is characterized by its potential for daily dosing, non-hepatic metabolism, extended pharmacologic benefit in the event of missed doses and pharmacologic activity in modulating brain opioid receptors.” The brain receptors that perceive an action as good are effected. This medication could block those brain receptors for food in those who binge eat.