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Bethany Frankel talks dieting, body image and bulimia


Reality TV star and founder of the Skinnygirl brand, Bethany Frankel is now in the best shape of her life – despite the challenges of her personal life and a demanding new talk show.

Frankel, 43, recently spoke with Health magazine about her career, her daughter Bryn and how her mission in life is simple: to help women.

Cracking the food code

Much of Frankel's work has been focused on the idea of healthy eating and helping women to overcome food obsession – a theme she says she has struggled with in her own life.

"I grew up eating quality food but in a very obsessive household about being thin and eating disorders," she said. "Food was an obsession in my house – out to restaurants every night – but then so was dieting."

In her 30s, Frankel said she "unlocked the safe," realizing that diets don't work:

Diets are hopeless. They are hope, and then they break your spirit. So [my book] "Naturally Thin" will still be the greatest work accomplishment of my life. I mean, there was a woman who came on the show today who lost 100 pounds with "Naturally Thin." It's learning how to allow and to indulge. That works.

'Get a rhythm'

Frankel also says she doesn't buy into any diets or nutrition advice that is "extreme," like entirely giving up sugar.

"I eat a lot of sweets," she said. "I like a small brownie in the afternoon."

But the star still manages to stay in great shape, attributing this to a naturally high metabolism, but also discipline.

"I don't have time to exercise," she said. "I could always stay thin, but I'd like to be fit. But what happens is if I go for four days to a spa, I'll work out for four days. It comes back. But I have to get a rhythm, and it's hard right now."

And in a moment of honesty rare in celebrities, Frankel says point-blank that she has created her empire and gained popularity simply by being real.

"I'm flawed," Frankel said about trying to have the perfect body. "I've created a success based on being flawed."

Source: Health