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Danielle Fishel to critics: 'YOU are the reason anorexia exists'

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Former "Boy Meets World" star Danielle Fishel married longtime love Tim Belusko in Los Angeles last week.

But like many Hollywood actresses, Fishel wasn't spared a barrage of critical comments from the public about her appearance and weight on the big day. The star was called fat by many wedding day "haters," but she didn't take the insults lying down.

Responding on Twitter, Fishel wrote: "PPL saying I was FAT @ my wedding: u r the worst kind of ppl on the PLANET. I weigh 107 pounds & am 5'1". YOU are the reason anorexia exists.”

Fishel's weight has been a source of interest over the years, but the actress said that "love and happiness" trump the negativity she has experienced from the public.

"I hope you'll look at your own miserable lives and learn to stop judging others on their weight and looks," she wrote. "You know what makes dealing with the rude comments easy? Love & happiness... I'll just keep being the happiest me & you keep being the rudest you."

Boy meets girl

Fishel met her husband – who is several years younger than her – in 2009, and their engagement was announced in 2012.

Us Weekly reported that the couple tied the knot among 200 guests.

The 32-year-old Fishel said she plans to enjoy her honeymoon, even if it means putting on some extra weight.

"Side note, I plan on coming home from this honeymoon weighing 299 pounds. #love #goodfood #adultbeverages #allday.”

Source: Us Weekly