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'Fatkinis' Swimsuit Line: Funny or Not?

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Style blogger Gabi Gregg, known around the Internet as Gabi Fresh, thinks that taking the power out of the word "fat" is all about reclaiming the right to be bigger and sexy.

Teaming up with swimwear site swimsuitsforall, she recently launched a line of swimwear that she playfully calls "fatkinis" – colorful, bold pieces that will fit women sizes 10-24.

Sexy suits for all

While some people are outraged at Gabi for not only using the word "fatkinis" but also proposing the idea that size 10 can be considered fat, others are praising her no-holds-barred approach to plus-sized fashion.

"The idea that all women can look amazing in a great swimsuit is what swimsuitsforall is about," Moshe Laniado, president and CEO of swimsuitsforall, told Refinery 29. "Gabi’s story tore down old notions that sexy swimsuits are only for Sports Illustrated models."

Gabi says her inspiration for the line came from the movie "Spring Breakers," and the pieces feature neon greens, blinding pinks and galaxy-like prints à la the '80s. The collection features both two-piece and one-piece suits that don't necessarily cover up or minimize the way most plus-sized swimwear is designed to do, while still looking flattering for larger body types.

"Normalizing all body types is a huge step in making everyone feel better about themselves," Gabi wrote on her blog. "Also, find amazing clothes – and swimwear! – that fit you well and make you feel beautiful. Don't wait until you wear a specific size to feel stylish."

Choose carefully

Gabi also points out that women who are seeking positive reinforcement about body image should look in the right places.

I've been working on my confidence for almost a decade now, so it's not something that happens overnight, but I always encourage women to limit their mainstream media intake if it's making them feel badly about themselves. Seek out blogs and media that are body positive and have imagery of women with bodies that look like yours – they exist!

View the Gabi Fresh swimwear collection on swimsuitsforall.

Source: Huffington Post/Gabi Fresh