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Kate Middleton Featured on Pro-Anorexia Websites


According to an article in the British newspaper The Daily Mail, the Duchess of Cambridge is being featured as a role model on certain controversial pro-anorexia websites in the US.

Kate Middleton has continued to lose weight following her marriage in April of this year to Prince William. While she has always been considered to be slim, her continued weight loss has drawn plenty of attention from the media, both at home and abroad. Most of her wardrobe has been altered in order to accommodate her new slender form. However, it has been clearly stated by sources close to the Duchess, that she does not have an eating disorder.

Kate Middleton is under constant intense scrutiny from the media, and therefore faces the challenge of being perceived as the “perfect role model” for young women. The Daily Mail states that according to close friends, the Duchess would be shocked and upset about being featured on any pro-anorexia website.

The pro-anorexia websites act as a forum for weight loss secrets and ideals, and encourage people to view eating disorders as a lifestyle choice. There is no mention of the serious and sometimes deadly consequences of extreme dieting and eating disorders.


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