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Kate Upton "curvy" trend not catching on with fashion industry


Model Kate Upton is bringing curves back.

The two-time Sports Illustrated cover girl took the industry by storm by, well, not being a size zero. She's been both criticized and idolized by the media, with many hoping that she will pave the way for more "full-figured" models on the runway.

But after countless fashion weeks around the globe this spring, industry experts say that skin-and-bones is still the prevailing look.

Kate's not a model, but a celebrity?

According to high fashion model Kira Dikhtyar, casting directors for runway shows still want the waif look, and models like Kate typically won't make the cut.

"The clothing samples for the shows are size zero," Dikhtyar told Fox News. "If they cast someone over that, they won’t fit the collection. Kate Upton made it not as a fashion model, but as a celebrity. Designers will not go against the size zero rules, that is why we don’t see Kate or any other curvy girls on international runways."

Curves, it seems, are not just a no-no for women, but skinner men are appearing on runways across the globe as well. One gaunt-looking male model in Paris Fashion Week even sparked a debate among fashion bloggers about the "manorexia" problem.

Are curvy women too distracting?

Stylist David Zyla says that women with fuller busts or curves aren't getting put on the runway because the main focus needs to be the clothes, not the women.

"By showing fashion on women who do not have a full bosom or curvy hip, the audience is not distracted by the wearer and the clothing stands out. What this translates to, however, is hiring a body type that happens to be super skinny."

Some fashion experts say that while skinny may rule the runway, it is the curvier models that end up achieving fame and celebrity status. Nadja Atwal, a model publicist in New York, says that designers are in for a rude awakening as women start demanding healthier standards for the fashion industry.

"I predict there will be a whole new army of models with Upton curves," Atwal said. "We need ‘healthy’ and ‘sexy’ back."

Source: Fox News