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Katie Couric talks bulimia in More magazine


It's not easy being a world-renowned journalist.

But Katie Couric seems to handle it with grace, speaking to More magazine about her personal life in the new issue.

Last fall, Couric opened up about her struggle with bulimia when she interviewed guest Demi Lovato, who has been in the public eye for her issues with bulimia and addiction.

"I [was] asking people to reveal their innermost feelings about [this issue], and I actually know about it," Couric said.

She notes that her late sister, Emily, also had an eating disorder.

"So I thought, ‘This is the time,'" she says about speaking up in regards to her battles with bulimia.

The Today Show star also spoke to More about her dating life, which she says can be difficult as you get older, noting that "everyone has a lot of baggage."

And in terms of her road to recovery, Couric says she understands the inherent struggle people face.

"I know this mind game that goes on where if you don't adhere to this strict calorie restriction, it makes you feel really bad about yourself, and this vicious cycle kicks in."

Source: E! Online