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Ke$ha in rehab for eating disorder - is her producer to blame?


Pop star Ke$ha made headlines recently when she announced that she was entering rehab on Friday for an eating disorder.

The singer-songwriter is reported to be in a facility outside of Chicago, Timberline Knolls, which is the same place Demi Lovato was treated.

Now that the dust has settled around her announcement, some are saying that cruel remarks from Ke$ha's longtime producer, Lukasz Sebastian "Dr. Luke" Gottwald, might have contributed to the star's insecurities about her body.

"He has been verbally abusive to her and insults her and the way she looks, saying she's not pretty enough or skinny enough," reports PEOPLE. "The abuse ultimately led Ke$ha to a bad place."

Fans petitioned Ke$ha back in October to sever her ties with Dr. Luke in order to "take back creative control" of her music.

The 'skinny' industry

Sources are saying that the music industry is to blame for Ke$ha's struggles with weight and body image.

"Being in this industry hasn't helped her issues, it's made them worse. But it's also finally made her deal with them properly," a source told PEOPLE.

Recent reports have also alleged that Ke$ha entered rehab to deal with an alcohol problem, not an eating disorder.

However, the star's mom, Pebe Sebert, has slammed these rumors, saying: "That's a total lie. The place she's at is an eating-disorder center."

Sebert said Ke$ha will be at the recovery center for at least 30 days, possibly longer.

Source: PEOPLE