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Keira Knightley still deflecting anorexia rumors


She's on the cover of Allure's December issue posing topless.

It was a decision Keira Knightly made because, according to her, no one cares about her breasts--but apparently plenty of people are concerned about her body. And while her tiny frame does look, well, tiny, the actress denies having an eating disorder.

In the magazine's interview, Knightley talked about the anorexia rumors that have plagued her for years. In 2007, after appearing in "Pirates of the Caribbean," the accusations started to fly about her weight. The actress spoke with People magazine in 2006, defending her body:

"Hollywood is all about the way you look, and I don't think that's the healthy thing for anyone. But, if you're strong and comfortable with yourself, then you're going to be fine. [The press] said to me yesterday 'How does it feel to be called anorexic?' and I had no idea that I was. I'm not saying there aren't people in the film industry that suffer from it, because I am sure that there are. But I'm quite sure I don't have it."

The media has often called her "too thin," which Knightley says can start to get into your head after a while. The actress says she "hit a wall" trying to deal with media scrutiny, at which point she took a month-long trip through Europe to reflect.

"I knew I wasn’t anorexic. But maybe my body is somehow not right. Or my face is not right. Or the way I speak is not right. When you’re going through a period where you’re really getting a lot of criticism, you go, ‘Maybe all this is right!’ You just kind of want to hide it all," she explained.

Knightley stars in "Anna Karenina," which will be in theaters November 16th.