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Media attacks on pregnant Kim Kardashian reach new low


According to the tabloids, very pregnant Kim Kardashian is binge eating for attention, money and fame.

Recent headlines from the likes of magazines like Star accuse the reality TV star of ignoring "dire health warnings" in order to profit from the attention she's getting for her growing baby body.

Star writes that Kardashian is "so focused on turning her pregnancy into profits," she's gaining as much weight as possible just to attract attention. The accusations also state that Kim is banking on a post-pregnancy weight-loss deal.

At a movie premiere in March, however, the star said that she "used to love sweets," but that her appetite has changed to become healthier since getting pregnant.

Regardless of the veracity of the reports, many people are saying it's a Jessica Simpson situation all over again — the media having a heyday criticizing pregnant celebs for natural and healthy weight gain.

Headlines like, "Is Kim Secretly Bingeing," and "Kim Kardashian Eating Out of Control" are popping up all over the Internet, at the dismay of the Kardashian clan and Kim's fans. Sources close to the family have been quoted as saying the rumors about binge eating for profit are "absolutely not true."

Source: Gossip Cop

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