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Nineties Supermodel Launches Memoir and Talks about Eating Disorder

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Nineties supermodel Carre Otis recently launched her memoir “Beauty Disrupted” in which she talks about her troubled past, and her battle to overcome anorexia.

The book which she co-authored with Hugo Schwyzer, is published by Harper Collins and was released last month.

In her memoir, Carre talks about a number of issues that contributed to her difficult past, including drug addiction, domestic abuse, rape, and losing her boyfriend to suicide. However, she notes that the most challenging thing for her, was overcoming her eating disorder.

Carre who is now 43 years old, became famous modelling for Guess and Calvin Klein, and was featured in Vogue, Playboy and Harper’s Bazaar. She secretly struggled with anorexia for many years in order to control her weight for the modelling industry.

She admits that her eating disorder was an intrinsic part of her everyday life at that time. She is also aware now of her distortions regarding her weight and body image.

Carre reveals that beating anorexia was tougher than getting off heroin. Her private life was very different than the highly successful image she presented to the public. She struggled with anorexia for 20 years before finally overcoming the eating disorder.

The consequences of abusing her health due to anorexia resulted in Carre needing heart surgery at just 30 years of age. At that point, she realized that she had to start eating properly.

Carre says that her relationship with food is “great” now. She currently lives in Colorado with her second husband and their 2 young daughters.

Source: The Daily Mail Online