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Supermodel Brooklyn Decker Credits her Dad for Helping her Through a Difficult Time


Supermodel Brooklyn Decker certainly does not appear to have any body image problems that would cause her to fast and try crash and fad diets. However, living your life in a bikini in front of the camera can be a lot of pressure for anyone especially for someone who earns a living using her good looks and beauty.

Her Fathers Intervention

Decker credits her dad and his intervention for saving her from developing a serious eating disorder. Her body image problems are not uncommon with models, actresses or anyone who spends a lot of time in the spotlight. The pressure to be “perfect” is almost unbearable. Before her fathers intervention she tried all sorts of juice fasts, and “crazy diets” she said she only ended up gaining weight.


Her father’s intervention helped to love her body and food again and to really care what others thought. She now has a healthy relationship and love of food.