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What does Lea Michele's grief have to do with her body?

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After Glee actress Lea Michele lost her fiance Cory Monteith to a drug overdose in July, the star has been closely watched by the media and the public.

But it's possible some people are paying a little bit too much attention to Michele, which is exemplified by a recent article run by the The Daily Mail. The piece reveals pictures from the Elle Women in Hollywood Celebration, along with body-shaming comments about Michele's "grief-stricken" body.

'Painfully thin figure'

The article asserts that the star's significant weight loss is directly linked to her devastation over Monteith's death, and that her "painfully thin figure" looked gaunt as she walked the red carpet.

"The crinkled fabric of her dress resembled cloth bandages, reminding of the heartbreak Lea has gone through since Cory's untimely passing three months ago," the article stated.

Not only did the website bash her figure, but the writer attacked her dress choice as well.

"Lea, 27, was shockingly thin in a white frock with cut-out detail that revealed her waspish waistline. The Glee star’s weight loss could be seen in her thin arms and hollowed abs."

As Blisstree reports, the star's weight loss isn't actually that dramatic, but The Daily Mail chose to exploit her pain and make low blows about her appearance at an event that is supposed to honor women.

"Michele is grieving; that specific type of suffering is often paired with a loss of appetite, so perhaps she really is losing rapid amounts of weight; however, that doesn’t mean The Daily Mail should exploit her despair. Honestly, she looks fine, she looks beautiful, she looks sad," Blisstree wrote.

Do you think Lea Michele looks too thin? Has grieving ever been a trigger for you? Share your responses in the comments.

Source: Blisstree