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When models are Photoshopped beyond recognition


A new video of a beautiful woman in a bikini is making rounds on the Internet – but not for the reason you might think.

A 37-second time-lapse video from shows an average-looking blonde model being transformed by Photoshop – right before your eyes.

And while the "retouching" phenomenon might seem like old news, this particular clip is stunning in its ability to reveal just how much the images we see in magazines are completely unrecognizable from their originals.

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The video starts off with just a model posing in red bikini bottoms. She then goes through hair and makeup, where she's transformed by a team of people applying extensions and layers of cosmetic products.

What follows is a step-by-step process of how the photo editor makes the woman's nose smaller, her eyes bigger and her lips fuller. Her legs are lengthened, her stomach tightened and her arms slimmed.

Lastly, the editor highlights the model's hair and skin.

The result? A woman who looks nothing like the original model.

The Youtube video currently has more than a million views. Even magazines like Cosmopolitan are calling the transformation "insane."

"It's amazing what technology can make happen," writes Adriana Velez at The Stir. "And it's just a little bit depressing. Why do we even need to see people looking like this?"

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Source: New York Daily News