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31 percent of men diet in secret


According to some men, dieting is shameful--and should only be reserved for women.

A UK survey by Diet Chef--a home delivery meal and diet plan company--found that about 31 percent of men are too embarrassed to admit they've been dieting. Not only that, but about 90 percent of those surveyed said that they want to lose weight.

When asked if they would tell family and friends about their intentions to diet, one in three said no. Fourteen percent said that they see diets as more appropriate for women.

And why are men so embarrassed about owning up to dieting?

About 29 percent said they didn't want to be seen as vain, and 18 percent said they worried friends or family members would tempt them with unhealthy foods.

Men love sweets too

More than one-third of the respondents also said that they can't control their weight because they love eating--of all things--chocolate.

“In modern society men are also very concerned about their appearance,” said Kevin Dorren, Founder and Head Chef at Diet Chef UK.

UK men also say that pie is a tempting treat, and that they “can't bear” to eat a salad as a main course.

Source: Daily News & Analysis